As a young woman, Mary Kay Beard let the pain and anger from an abusive childhood drive her into a life of crime and danger. By the time she was 27, she was wanted by both federal and state authorities and was the target of a mafia contract. Finally captured, convicted of armed robbery, sentenced to 21 years, and thrown into solitary confinement in an Alabama prison, Mary Kay took stock of her life. And she started reading the Bible. Thus began God's amazing transformation of a broken, bitter criminal into a mighty woman of faith and service. Click here to order Products
The Angel Tree ministry Mary Kay launched in 1982 has reached millions of prisoners' children with the love of Christ. ....more>>
"Encouraging and inspiring...Jodi Werhanowicz does an outstanding job..."
-Zig Ziglar, Author, Motivational Teacher

"...fascinating, heartwarming, and almost too good to be true...I recommend it to all...This book is a terrific read!
-Drayton Nabers, Jr., Chief Justice, Alabama Supreme Court

" awesome account...You are about to meet an amazing woman."
-Kay Arthur, Author, Speaker, Co-CEO, Precept Ministries Int'l

You will laugh and cry; you will be shocked and amazed...then you will owe me for having recommended it to you."
-Steve Brown, Author, Professor, Bible teacher on Key Life radio program

Mary Kay Beard Radio Interview With Harold Hendrick
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Now you can read the whole remarkable story of Mary Kay in Rogue Angel, written by Jodi Werhanowicz, with a foreword by Chuck Colson.

"This book is a great read, very exciting and inspiring. As I worked through the pages, I found myself many times in tears, thanking God for this woman's life."

--Chuck Colson

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